Video of bathtubes with lateral door opening

All the freedom of a safe bathroom comfort and autonomy. Watch our videos.

Features of bathtubs Linea Oceano for elderly and disabled

The features of the tubs with door for elderly Linea Oceano: the size of the door, opening outwards, the outer closure system and more.

The convenience and security of Linea Oceano bathtubs

Large chairs, slightly tilted backwards, recesses for intimate hygiene, safety handles and more.

FAQ on Linea Oceano bathtubs with door

Linea Oceano designs and manufactures 100% Made in Italy bathtubs. Linea Oceano answers  at all of your questions.

The importance of the inspection for the installation of the bathtub

Our consultants will come to your home for free, without any commitment and will study with you the bathtub with door that best suits your needs.

Tho options of Linea Oceano bathtubs with lateral door

A range of options for the Linea Oceano bathtubs

The installation of the Linea Oceano bathtubs with door

Installation times and modes. Linea Oceano takes care of everything.