What do I chose a tub with a door or a shower unit? Here are some valid points for the choice of a tub.


When the problem anises for an elderly person or a disabled person to have a easy access to a bathtub one may think that the best solution is to give up the idea of a bathtub altogether and to choose our a shower unit instead. Can one be sure that this choice is the right one? Do I there fore choose a tub designed in particular to satisfy the needs of elderly or disabled persons or do I opt for a shower?

Questions that deserve a frank reply as either solution will not only be an economic one but will influence the daily habits and quality of life of the customer.

First of all let’s remember that a shower unit is always a slippery unit, water and soaps make standing difficult and even with seating provided sitting down and standing up to leave the unit remain dangerous for the bather.

The bathtub with a door allows for the bather to sit comfortably on the seating with their legs out of the tub and in a second integrated timing bring their legs into the tub thus avoiding any body contact with a slippery surface and no balancing act when it is time to get out of the tub, the bather remains seated. Naturally this is possible only if the tub with an accessible door has been studied ad hoc for the elderly or disabled with every detail carefully provided (supporting handle, door with 180 opening, non slip flooring).

We must not forget that having a bath is not a ritual only for personal cleanliness and hygiene.

But an important moment in which one can relax and have care for oneself: a shower usually is over and done with as quickly as possible on ones feet without the benefit of a water massage. If a person is not independent who ever has to help him or her is obliged to shower too.

All this can be avoided with a tub and accessible door: ample, comfortable tilted seating, for relaxation, the possibility of installing hydro massage and the appliance of a quick emptying of the tub for who wants to get out, finished bathing. If a quick wash is desired the shower attachment allows this.

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