Security and prevention of accidents within the home


Often it is thought that the home is a secure place. Where one can find warmth and refuge, it is therefore difficult to admit that the major part of accidents occur within home walls. At home security and prevention are very important indeed, above all when elderly or disable persons are present. It must be remembered that accidents cause grave consequences both physical and physiological to those with motory difficulties.
A fall can provoke, nearly always physical damage, that in the case of the already fragile condition in the life of an elderly or disabled person contributes to speed up their waning in the carrying out of their daily routine.

The stress born of such a situation inevitably brings about an increase of the fear of falling once more, causing insecurity and as a result a fast reduction in their self-sufficiency.

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that hides the worse traps and is the cause of a large number accidents within the home. Research done by the outpatients departments refer infact that the major number of accidents with elderly and disabled persons involved are caused by falls and knocks within the bathroom.
How many times does one read in the papers or heard on the news for example “ an old person has fallen in the bathroom and has fractures and bruises as a result” Or “ A disabled person has slipped in the bathroom with serious injuries as a result”.
The istat data reports that in Italy around 4,5 millions accidents occur in the home and around 2,4 involve the aged or disabled that is more than half ,with 55% caused by slipping.

Slipping in the bathrooms is very easy above all for the aged and disabled with difficulties of movement and for whom even the most elementary daily movements during daily hygiene can become difficult and dangerous.

There are minimum strategies that can be created so that persons with motory difficulties can feel truly independent and can say that they move freely.

Installing bathtubs for the elderly, tubs with non slip flooring, bathtubs for the disabled, mounting aids for security such as handrails, handgrips and railings that one can hold onto to facilitate the entry and the exit from the bathtub and avoid loss of balance with the risk of slipping positioning a non slip rug outside of the bathtub. Plus the bonus that awaits you in welcome provided by the AAMS legalists that offer you a legal bonus worth 1 to eliminate risks of accidental falls above all when coming out of the bathtub with wet feet. All these factors are small but important and consent to increase safety in the bathtub reducing considerably the possibility of domestic accidents and improving the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled.
It is fundamental to be able to move about freely and Ocean line’s objective is just that ; to produce bathtubs with a side door for the elderly and disabled enabling them to regain self sufficiency independence and above all safety in the bathroom.

The mission of ocean line has always been to project and create bathtubs to help all those who have difficulty in movement to be self-sufficient.

Ocean line tubs go through a particular non slip treatment in all its models, and simply because particular attention is paid to safety in the bath, the company does not limit itself to applying non slip adhesive but the bathtubs for the elderly are all equipped with non slip flooring and incorporated ergonomic seating completely non-slip and so inclined as to allow the cleaning of all the intimate parts of the body without the danger of slipping forwards, all the bathtubs for the disabled are equipped with a side door opening to favour an easy entrance into the tub, also for those persons on wheelchairs, maintaining, at the same time a winning design typical of the unmistakable Italian style.
The materials used are all CE certified, produced in italy and of a very high standard, the bathtubs of ocean line have thus gained the approval of the Italian paraplegic association.
The ocean line bathtubs for the elderly and the disabled are manufactured in layered fibreglass, they have a major thickness to render them safer and with a longer life, besides this they have been studied to the minimum details, such as the absence of sharp corners dangerous for the elderly and disabled and the instalment of particular trimmings created especially to guarantee for a long time, the possibility of leakage from the door.
Ocean line does not deal in bathtubs with a side opening door alone but also sanitary accessories and aids with the daily objective of allowing the elderly and the disabled with motory difficulties to regain dignity self-sufficiency and the possibility to move freely without having to depend on others.

In particular it is possible to install the following accessories and safety aids in the bathrooms:

– Handrails and handles

– Hydro toilet brushes

– Washbasins for the disabled

– Toilets for the elderly

– Bidet for the elderly

– Tilted mirror with non steaming system

– Headrest for the bathtub

– Open seat for the bathtub

– Curtain/ railing

– Hydro massage

You can judge for yourself the quality of the ocean line products discovering how lovely it is to have a bath completely safety, contacting us or going directly to our product site:

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