Law 13/89: should provide state contributions


Law no 13/89 should provide state contributions for the removal of architectural barriers in the home but these contributions have disappeared in time in spite of public requests. The regions who, up till now have contributed have had to stop contributing too. Those who are disabled with barriers in their homes have to pay for their removal from their own finances or put up with the problem.

Though the law is still in function neither state nor regions provide help:
“it is a matter of civility that contributions should be given for the removal of barriers which impede easy movement within one’s home.”

Paolo Marinelli administrator of the Ocean Line company denounces this situation adding that the difficulty or impossibility of moving freely about one’s home has an important influence on the quality of life of a disabled person.

Even small contributions can make a big difference for those who do not have the necessary finance to make the adaptations necessary for a home in line to their particular needs. Normally one does not heed the small or larger obstacles in daily life but perhaps after an accident or simply the arrival
of old age these obstacles become traps that prevent a serene life. If we wished to put aside momentarily the economic factor we then, would have to coincider the cost to the National Health: fractures and shock after falls, often needing an operation for broken bones.
What is the cost to the National Health system? One must also conceder the effect of helping daily a disable or aged person, on the health of all those who care for them.

A short-sighted conduct which only renders the quality of life of many people and that in the end does not help the state to save money by an means. The moment has arrived to take the question in hand.

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