Bath Tubs with door for the elderly

Vasche con porta o sportello per anziani

There is nothing more important, than feeling free and independent in complete safety however old you are. That’s what Linea Oceano has always kept in mind when designing its walk in baths, created to be pleasing to the eye, Linea Oceano tubs are easily recognisable for their unique features such as a very large door opening (from 70 to 85 cm) and very user friendly 53 cm wide seat and anti slip surfaces.

Here are some peculiarities of our baths for the elderly:


It is important to note the dimensions of the door, they vary from 70 to 85 cm in accordance with the model of the tub and that permits the user to enter and come out of the bathtub in complete commodity and security. Our bathtubs in fact have been studied with the intent that the elderly person when alone in the tub does not find themselves in difficult or dangerous situations: it is to be remember that the majority of accidents that occur in the home, occur in the bathroom because of the presence of water, soap and detergents all of which are very slippery and the cause of falls and consequently fractures. Any obstacle, above all troublesome passages; for example the small doors of 40/45 in length can cause serious problems.


The door opens precisely towards the exterior of the bath tub( a door which opens internally is hampering when the bather has to use the internal closure mechanism). The opening and closure lever for the door is external, therefore there are no mechanisms or metallic parts that for the person inside the tub could bring about insidious or dangerous wounds.


The incorporated, internal, seating, is 53 cm in height and very ample in width (not a wobbly stool!) which allows the bather to stand up or sit down with ease, the particular inclination of the seat forbids that the bather should slip forward, which is both frightening and dangerous: this non desired slipping forward is caused by the inevitable floating of the legs during the gradual filling of the bathtub with water. It is important to remember that an elderly person can bathe on their own and be considered independent, therefore it could be impossible to call for help to others. during bath time.

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