Bath tubs for disabled

Vasche con porta o sportello per disabili

Bath tubs with side door

Linea Oceano has always designed bath tubs for the disabled with a special and constant focus to their function and security, resulting in the valuation and approval of the Italian tetra paraplegic association. With a modern and essential design they have neither on the exterior or interior of the tub sharp mechanisms or metal parts which could be dangerous for the  person that use the  bath tubs. Here are the particulars of our bath tub models.

Here are some peculiarities of our baths for the disabled:


The dimensions of the door is very important, it can vary in width from 70 to 85 cm in accordance with the model and permits the disabled user, even when on a wheelchair, to enter and exit from the bath tub independently and in security.


The door opens precisely towards the exterior at 180° allowing the complete view of the ample interior seating( a door which opens towards the interior is a great hampering for the disabled) the closure and opening lever is also on the exterior of the tub leaving the internal space completely dedicated to the bather who can bathe in absolute comfort.


The interior seating is very important , it is incorporated with the tub it is wide and 53 cm in height ( not a wobbly stool). This height permits the disabled person to pass directly from wheelchair to the internal seat in the tub ( just like getting into or out of a car). Once inside, the particular inclination of the seat forbids that the disabled user slips forward with both frightening and dangerous consequences: this non desirable slipping forward is caused by the inevitable floating of the legs during the gradual filling of the bath tub with water. It is important to remember than when the disabled persons uses the bath tub in an independent way, it could be impossible to call for help to others during the bath. Another important characteristics is the niche in the middle of the seating which allows for an intimate, hygienic wash while comfortably seated.


The interior and on board  Grab Bars  help the disabled person to move safely, in particular when entering or getting out of the bath tub.

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