Bali bath tub with door, design and comfort for your bathroom

vasca ad angolo bali

We heard a few days ago the testimony of Giovanna Giardino, which with its jetted Bali door is a small corner of wellbeing was created within its own bathroom … but what are the characteristics of this tub? What makes it so special? Let’s find out.

Like all tubs with side door Line Oceano, Bali tub allows convenient access through the door that opens to the outside and rotates by 180 °, so as not to obstruct in any way the entrance into the tub. But to make especially nice this model is the elegant design, with rounded shapes, reminiscent of precisely those of the tub much appreciated wellness centers: if in the comfort of the bath with a door is also matched the tub kit hydro massage Air-air, relaxation is assured . The special whirlpool system adopted in the tubs with door for elderly Linea Oceano fact allows a very gentle massaging effect, also suitable for older people with vascular problems or circulation, because it does not damage the capillaries, providing immediate comfort. If used at bath only partially filled, also, it can be used for example for an invigorating foot bath, excellent in case of feet and legs tired or swollen.

In short, nice design, large interior space, backrest reclined (and, if desired, also heated), ease of access and maybe even plant tub are the main features of this bath tub with door, whose very name brings to mind white beaches and pristine, relaxation and well-being: because the pleasure of a good bath, the soothing and relaxing effect of the water, the opportunity to take care of their own personal hygiene are not a luxury, but an essential feature for the quality of life. And if time is short and you want to hurry, thanks to the special curtain rod with curtain the tub with door if necessary transformed into a comfortable shower.

then we see briefly the properties of the Bali bath tub with door:

side door with opening towards the outside by 180 °
suitable for placement on angled walls
lever with safety to prevent accidental opening
External bath group
realized in hand stratified GRP
Size: 120x71x105 (h) cm.
possibility of curtain and curtain rod for use in a shower mode
possibility of planting tub, heated seat, quick emptying system
Have you seen what you think Giovanna Giardino, which bought the Bali tub with door?

Go to the product page to download the leaflet and the brochure of the Balì bath tub with door.

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