Bali bathtub: “I don’t depend on others anymore and I feel that I’m in a spa”


How does life change for those who decide to install in their bathroom a bathub with a door?
To answer this question Ocean line as decided to ask some of it’s clients their opinion of the product in daily use.

One such person is Giovanna Giardino, she lives in Milan. With the Bali bathtub installed in her home she has returned to an independence and relaxation that she felt that she had, infact, lost.
“I don’t need to depend on others” is the first thing she points out, she then brings attention to the other aspects of well being.

A bathtub with a door supplied is not only the means to enter into the tub easily for the elderly or the disable with difficulty of movement but also a great way to enjoy the warm massage of water while completely relaxed and at total ease.
“This way I can have a nice bath , relax, maybe listen to some music, all this and I feel as if I’m enjoin spa treatment”.
Giovanna finishes by adding “I’ve rushed around all my life and I feel I have a right to a bit of relaxation”.
For this important reason Ocean line works every day to manufacture tubs with accessible doors improving their commodity and performance to guarantee to everyone the possibility to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Look the testimonial of Giovanna Giardino

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